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Guided lessons

In this section is a collection of interactive lessons on real-world topics. We'll walk you through a situation or circumstance, and throughout the way we'll learn useful signs and information to conquer them.

Before we start, however, let's talk a little bit about how these lessons are going to work.

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This is Nana. They will be your guide throughout these lessons. Take this time now to familiarize yourself with how to control the camera and view settings.

Most of the time, Maya will be just showing you a word or sentence, or acting out a scene. Sometimes, though, you might be prompted to respond. Don't feel too intimidated by this - it'll make sense in due time.

Oh, I almost forgot. While our community mostly lives in VRChat, for the most part, Maya will be showing you real sign language. We'll of course show you how to do everything in VR also, but keep in mind that our VR adaptations are only a substitute - for the best experience, you need to take the time to learn the real thing too.

Speaking of - I need to know what VR kit you're using. If you don't have one yet, feel free to pick one you're interested in. If you're logged in, I'll remember what you picked even if you come back later.

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